early childhood academy

The Early Childhood Academy is an educational environment specifically designed for children ages 1 through 3. The teachers honor each child’s spirit, individual needs, and learning styles while promoting and modeling respect, integrity, dignity, responsibility, and lifelong learning skills. As the children become equipped through the repetition of using carefully selected materials, they will naturally master developmental milestones. It is always our mission to support parents as we embrace their child’s “whole” maturation, including physical, social, emotional/spiritual, and cognitive progress. By providing the early childhood academy, Saint Joseph's Episcopal School offers an alternative to other Pre-K programs in West Palm Beach that is particularly beneficial for any children that later enter our elementary and middle school programs.

This video was filmed and edited by Fifth Grade (2016).


The ECA helps your child begin to learn about the world.

Saint Joseph's Episcopal School provides opportunities through our early childhood program to identify basic colors and shapes; bring concepts of cause-and-effect to life through storytelling, music, and art; and, model and encourage your child to practice sorting and matching.

The ECA encourages your child to interact with others.

We use storytelling and word games to help your child practice imitating and responding, asking questions, and following simple directions; provide practice naming familiar items; and, support rich vocabulary development.

The ECA provides ways for your child to gain increased body awareness.

The Early Childhood Academy teaches body parts through stories, song, and rhyme; promote self-care skills such as feeding, cleaning, and dressing; and, support large-motor development and hand-eye coordination through a variety of activities, such as kicking and tossing balls, writing, drawing, and lacing.

The ECA supports your child in growing socially and emotionally.

We encourage interactions with other children in group activities, guide the development of sharing and listening skills, model how to express emotions appropriately, and guide your child to learn classroom routines.

The ECA helps your child develop individual talents.

We encourage pretending and role-playing through play with props, support individual expression through participation in group activities, and promote self-expression through art and music.

Each month focuses on a theme, and each day is filled with fun activities that excite and help children develop in ways that give them the comfort and confidence to grow and develop both cognitively and socially.