Episcopal Identity

Saint Joseph’s Private Episcopal School was created to be a community that honors, celebrates, and worships God as the center of life. The school was created to be a model of God’s love and grace. It serves God in Christ in all persons, regardless of origin, background, ability, or religion. It strives for justice and peace among all persons and respects the dignity of every human being. The means by which we live out our church identity are:

  • Intentionally living out the faith by example,

  • Situating the heart and soul of the school in the chapel,

  • Providing extensive religious education, and

  • Requiring community outreach and service.

This video was filmed and edited by Fifth Grade (2016).

The purpose of our private academy is to transmit knowledge and culture from one generation to the next, but in addition to that, create a community of faith; thus, we provide children with a Christian community here in West Palm Beach which nourishes the soul as well as the intellect. We exist not only to serve the community with quality education but to witness the Christian principles of faith, hope, and love. Thus, the curriculum, programs, activities, and policies are developed and implemented to guide and nourish children into becoming healthy, confident, and responsible adults. From our Pre-K early childhood academy program to the middle school program, our students are educated with this perspective acting as the backbone for their pursuit of growth and knowledge. We want to be such a living example of Christ’s love in all we say and do so that others who do not have a spiritual family will be drawn to a greater commitment to their faith, whether here at Saint Joseph’s or in another Christian community.

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