home school resource program

The mission of Saint Joseph's Episcopal School's Home School Resource Program is to offer our curriculum, enrichment, arts, and athletics programs to home school families. It’s a unique feature of St. Joe’s that parents appreciate because it fills in the missing parts of a student’s educational experience, such as socialization with other students their age. We try to find customized ways to help families get the best education for their students possible.

As a result of our successful community outreach efforts in Palm Beach county, we discovered that we can enhance the home school curriculum currently being used by area home school students (ages Pre-K to 8th grade). We invite home school families to enhance their current educational objectives by joining us for some, or all, of these programs at Saint Joseph's Episcopal School .

Saint Joseph’s curriculum and campus is designed to provide an academically stimulating environment that honors individual learning styles and promotes social and emotional intelligence.



To enroll or for more information, please contact:
Mary Aperavich, Director of Admissions & Enrollment
(561) 732-2045 or maperavich@sjsonline.org