laps for st. joe's

Every January, St. Joe’s Live Green Campaign is excited to partner with our Parents' Organization to sponsor LAPS. LAPS is an annual event that promotes a healthy and fit lifestyle for our students by walking or running around the field or gym while participating in a fun and engaging obstacle course along the way. Students enlist family and friends to “sponsor” their LAPS endeavors with either a single donation or per lap pledge. Money raised through LAPS goes directly back to the students of St. Joe’s by funding various needs within our school. Students are encouraged to build endurance through training and to build donations through sponsorships.

The best and most efficient way to collect sponsorships is through our safe and secure Donate Online account, hosted by RenWeb. Just click on the Donate button below to pay by credit/debit card. Be sure to include the name of the student you are sponsoring in the "Note" box. If you choose to make a “per lap pledge”, please click here to download a copy of the pledge form. Please complete this form and return it to the student you are sponsoring. All donations are tax deductible, and the students who raise the most money and run the most laps will receive prizes.

Be Healthy, Be Fit, Be Green! Thanks for your support!