The Whitney Media Center at Saint Joseph's Episcopal School provides a nurturing environment to all students from our early childhood academy Pre-K through Grade Eight. Respect for books, library organization, and etiquette are taught. The appreciation and enjoyment of literature is encouraged in order to make children life-long readers.

Computers are used for searching the collection using Athena, the Library’s technical automation system. Library skills and curriculum are taught according to grade level. The Accelerated Reader program tests reading comprehension from Grades One through Eight. Quizzes are taken online with the results immediately available. Reference books, as well as online searching, enable students to develop research skills. All students have a scheduled library period weekly, but may use the Library at any time.

  • The collection has over 11,000 volumes

  • The Reference collection numbers 504

  • Eighty dictionaries and thesauri add to the Reference area

  • Four computers provide search stations and quiz-taking capabilities

  • A professional library houses 125 titles