A message from the athletic director
Andrew Wideroff, M.Ed.

At Saint Joseph’s Private Episcopal School, we believe that athletics provide important opportunities to teach students the value of teamwork, school pride, self-discipline, healthy competition, and time management. Student athletes also learn to accept success and defeat in a learning environment that encourages love, FUN, acceptance, trust, and respect for others. Our campus here in Boynton Beach comes with the equipment and staff to see your children succeed on the field.

This video was filmed and edited by Fifth Grade (2016).

The athletic program at our private episcopal academy provides a variety of extracurricular athletic options for upper school students. During the school year, girls participate in the following athletic activities: Volleyball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, and Tennis. Boys participate in: Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, and Lacrosse. All competitive teams are coached by highly qualified individuals.

Saint Joseph's participates in the Gold Coast Athletic League with fourteen other private schools. We are very proud of the Jaguars’ success on and off the playing field.

Andrew Wideroff, M.Ed.

Athletic Director