At St. Joseph’s Episcopal School, Physical Education teaches age-appropriate fundamentals of several sports. Our students learn to develop athletic skills in a structured and fun environment with weekly P.E. classes in the Judith Rogers Gymnasium or on the Jones Athletic Field. The program is created to cultivate each child’s basic skills. As a private school, we are proud to provide students with physical education daily.


The goal is to develop physical skills, such as hopping, running, skipping and jumping, and hand/eye coordination, as well as patience, following instructions, and good sportsmanship.

Activities include:

  • Jogging and running

  • Stretching and calisthenics

  • Bouncing/dribbling a ball

  • Throwing and catching a round ball

  • Throwing and catching an irregular shaped ball

  • Structured play

Elementary School

Skills taught in Grades One through Four:

  • How to properly catch and throw a ball

  • How to catch and run with an irregular shaped ball in flag football

  • How to dribble and shoot a basketball

  • How to manipulate and shoot a ball using the feet in soccer

  • How to field and throw a ball in lacrosse

  • Proper running technique

Middle School

Students in Grades Five through Eight have the opportunity to play competitively on our athletic teams.

Sports taught throughout the year:

  • Volleyball

  • Flag Football

  • Soccer

  • Basketball

  • Lacrosse

  • Tennis