campus safety & Security

At Saint Joseph's Private Episcopal School, the safety and security of the children entrusted in our care is our highest priority. We are constantly reviewing and revising our policies and procedures to ensure we are prepared for any number of situations.

Our pick-up and drop-off procedures, longstanding at Saint Joseph’s private academy, are important and must be observed by parents. We remind people to set a good example for their children by: a) following the procedures; and b) being respectful of the teachers and/or staff members supervising Pick-Up and Drop-Off. We attempt to be in several places at once, reminding parents of the appropriate places to park, stop, and walk with their children. We greatly appreciate your patience as we enforce these procedures in order to provide the safest, most secure environment possible for our precious children.

  • Parents must complete the Transportation Responsibility area within RenWeb each year.

    • Exceptions must be submitted in writing to the School Receptionist.

  • Students who must leave campus during scheduled school hours may do so only with parental and school permission.

  • Parents of departing students must sign out in the Office.

  • If someone other than the individual(s) indicated on the Transportation Responsibility area is picking up your child(ren), the School must be notified in advance by email, fax, or written note.

    • If the school is not notified of an alternate driver, the school may detain the student until the parent is contacted.

  • If not immediately recognized as someone designated to pick up a child, the driver may be asked for identification.

  • Parents of students leaving early must sign their children out in the School Office.

    • The classroom teacher will be called and school personnel will take the student out of the classroom.

Our parking lot is vulnerable to car break-ins, as are the parking lots of our neighboring independent schools. We have employed security individuals to help us with parking lot safety on many occasions, as well as to provide security on a round-the clock basis for our auctions and other large events.

Rick Nevad and Cary Braswell are our Directors of Security. Mr. Nevad and Mr. Braswell are here during peak and non-peak hours of activity and events in order to help prevent break-ins, breaches of safety, and theft. In addition, we must constantly monitor who is picking up our children to assure that no one, without the parents’ express permission, ever removes a child from our care.

The safety and security of our precious children is our utmost goal at Saint Joseph's Episcopal School. During drop-off and pick-up of children, it is important to have an orderly, safe, and secure progression. We continue to review and revise our procedures as necessary, and we hope we have your cooperation.