seasonal student program

Saint Joseph's Episcopal School offers a seasonal program for students who are living in South Florida for an abbreviated time during the school year. There are many families who travel abroad and, when back in Florida, enroll their children at Saint Joseph's to continue their academics.

Interested families should contact our Admissions Office at (561) 732-2045 for more information. Seasonal program students are required to submit a completed application and supporting school documents to the Admissions Office for consideration.

"I just wanted to thank you so much for having Ben and Matthew at St. Joseph's earlier this week. They really enjoyed being able to experience what it is like to go to school in the US. Please pass on my appreciation to the teachers who so kindly welcomed Ben and Matthew into their classrooms. It was a thrill for me for my children to attend one of my alma maters."

- Elizabeth Michael
Saint Joseph's Episcopal School Alum, Class of 1978