Selection Process

Admission Process
Admission to Saint Joseph’s Episcopal School is a highly selective process. We want to ensure each student’s success, as well as an appropriate match with the high expectations of our community. Please go to the Admission Inquiry page to complete an inquiry or an online application.

Financial Assistance and Scholarship Process
Saint Joseph’s would love to be able to grant financial aid or scholarships to everyone who is qualified to succeed academically at our school. Unfortunately, available funds are limited and must be reserved to help those who need aid most. Scholarships occasionally are awarded to students who demonstrate both financial need and excellent academic, athletic, artistic, and social leadership potential. Financial aid and scholarships are awarded year to year, and due to being limited, are on a first come, first served basis. Please go to the Financial Assistance page and complete the FACTS Financial Aid application.

We also accept StepUp For Students, McKay Scholarships, and Gardiner Scholarships. If your child receives any of these funds, please contact our Director of Admissions, Mary Aperavich, to see if he or she meets our enrollment requirements.

Grade Placement
Appropriate placement is determined during and following the admission process. Saint Joseph’s utilizes several assessment instruments, including the Gesell Developmental Observation for young children, the Educational Records Bureau test for students in Grades One through Eight, and the STAR Reading and Math grade-level testing. Toward the end of each academic year, parents and teachers meet to discuss readiness for the next grade. Occasionally, the school may decide, based on the child’s chronological age, developmental age, and/or academic readiness, that retention, summer tutoring, and/or retesting prior to the beginning of the academic year are the appropriate course(s) of action for your child.