There is nothing more valuable than word of mouth. Below, you will find just a few testimonials from past graduates. If you would like to share your St. Joe's experience, please email Rhiannon Aubrey at raubrey@sjsonline.org.

"As a graduate of Saint Joseph’s, I am so thankful to have both of my children currently attending the school! I was very fortunate to have completed Kindergarten through 8th grade at the school. I made life-long friends and received a wonderful education at Saint Joseph’s. I love the school! It is a very special place. Generations of teachers remain on staff; my children even have a few of the teachers who taught me. The school has a loving, positive, and supportive culture, which is why so many of the alumni bring their own children back to attend. The teachers care and pay attention to individual needs, strengths, and areas of challenge. I am so lucky to have been a product of this great school, and now my girls will be able to experience what I did as a child."

- Sarah Callaway, Class of 1996


"I graduated in 2001 after attending St. Joseph's for 6th-8th grade. My experience there set an excellent foundation for my educational, career, and spiritual development. I am a pledging member of St. Joseph's Church, where I have found an enriching spiritual home. This is in large part attributable to Rev. Wendy Tobias, who I first met as my middle school sacred studies teacher. The advanced coursework I completed at St. Joseph's had a snowball effect on my high school, college, and graduate coursework, enabling me to practice law at 23 years old. Since then, I have founded a wills and trusts law firm in South Florida, where I protect families through preventative planning. The connections I made at St. Joseph's have helped my firm grow and thrive. I am very grateful to be part of the St. Joseph's family."

- Jennifer Gomez, Class of 2001


"I attended Saint Joseph’s Episcopal School from Pre-K 3 all the way through 8th grade, graduating in 2009. From learning my ABCs with Mrs. Nevad, to excelling in Geometry with Mrs. Pleasanton, Saint Joseph’s provided an environment that has ingrained in me qualities that will never leave my side. Being well prepared for high school from Saint Joseph’s directly linked into being well prepared for college. This has allowed me to make the best of my abilities in trying to fulfill my goals to be a multi-business owner, an innovative entrepreneur, and a speech pathologist."

- Glennon Schafer, Class of 2009


"St. Joseph’s has always been a second home to me. My sister attends Middle School now, so even though I am a high school senior, I am there all the time, seeing my old teachers and many familiar faces. Members of the St. Joe’s family have come and gone, but their memories live on, and St. Joe’s keeps everyone so well connected that it seems they never left at all. Now, as I prepare to go to college, the lessons I learned at St. Joe’s - how to grow in faith, be part of a community and achieve the goals I set - live in my heart and will guide me wherever I go. I’ll always be grateful for my St. Joe’s family, who helped me become a positive and confident person. I thrive on the strong connections the school has provided me, and will always look forward to visiting and seeing my favorite people."

- Katie Shaw, Class of 2012


"St. Joe’s was always more than a school; it was a home. Even now, four years after I've graduated, I still walk onto campus to the loving embrace of old friends and teachers. I still remember making cookies in Mrs. Pleasanton's class and listening to Mr. Hill’s old stories. St. Joe’s doesn't just prepare students for high school; it prepares them for life. I learned skills that have carried me through high school, and now, as I transition from high school to college, I still use all of the lessons I learned at St. Joe’s inside AND outside of the classroom. I miss my St. Joe’s family every day, but they taught me how to be an independent thinker and how to change the world one random act of kindness at a time."

- Carson Collins, Class of 2012


"St. Joe’s is not just a school; it’s a family. I’m proud to be a part of a nurturing, loving, and supportive community. I attended St. Joe’s for eleven years, and I can remember my first day with Mrs. Nevad. My teachers, coaches, and friends will always be a tremendous part of my life. St. Joe’s taught me the importance of stepping out of the box by challenging me to do things I would have never imagined. I learned leadership skills and Christian values that have helped me in high school. Mr. Aubrey always made learning fun and memorable. Mrs. Michaelson and Mrs. Reese had the patience of saints, and they always believed in me when it came to Algebra. Coaches Keiper, Fox, and Wideroff taught me the importance of good sportsmanship on and off the playing field. Thank you to all of my teachers for their encouragement and gifts of wisdom. I miss you all!"

- Trey DuBois, Class of 2013