Message from the Head of School
kyle aubrey, m.ed.

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Welcome to Saint Joseph’s Episcopal School’s website! I appreciate your interest in our school, and I hope you enjoy navigating through our website. You will find all you need by exploring the options in the menu at the top. From Admissions to Episcopal Identity and from Academics to Athletics, our website offers information on the pillars of our school—and then some!

I am extremely honored to be the Head of School of St. Joe’s (as it’s affectionately known). I am proud of what we have to offer—a unique experience for every child who is a part of the family. That is, after all, what we are: One large family!

St. Joe’s was founded in 1958 and has been growing ever since! We serve students on two beautiful campuses: Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade on our Main Campus and children aged 1 through 3 at our Early Childhood Academy. This allows us to take children from diapers to potty training all the way to graduating Middle School while ensuring placement in students’ first choice for high school.

We fulfill our mission of nurturing students’ minds, bodies, and spirits in many ways… First and foremost, we accomplish this through a curriculum that is challenging. Second, our faculty/staff are highly qualified among peers in their respective areas, and they bring a positive attitude to all of their endeavors. Third, our STREAM philosophy helps students build confidence and self-esteem, as well as learn and hone 21st century skills. Fourth, our Sacred Studies program emphasizes the Episcopal identity of our school; it teaches ethics and gives students a strong knowledge of our Christian heritage, as well as other world religions.

As you stroll across our campuses (after obtaining a Visitor’s Pass from the Office, of course!), know that our students breathe life and liveliness into this great school and that we are known for providing the best possible education to each student who qualifies to attend.

For more information on applying and/or touring one or both of our campuses, please contact Mary Aperavich, Director of Admissions, at

With sincere blessings,
Kyle Aubrey, M.Ed.
Head of School